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Creative Harmonies offers a plethora of services to clients near and far to help educate and support students and their teachers.

From specially tailored learning programs for students with special needs in the Capital District of New York to assisting educators around the world, Dee with Creative Harmonies Music Studio consistently provides innovative, personalized education solutions to bring out the best in each student.

We offer a variety of piano instruction services – success is at everyone’s fingertips!

Piano Instruction

For students looking to build a solid foundation of classical technique, private piano lessons are key to a student’s growth as a musician.

Piano Instruction with a Learning Specialist

Expert instruction is available for students who may have learning or behavioral challenges.

Online Lessons

Virtual lesson meetings are available those outside of New York’s Capital District, not able to visit our studio in Latham, NY.

Mentoring for Professionals

In addition to piano lessons, we offer worldwide assistance for professionals who work with students with learning disabilities.

Ms. Dee has always had high expectations, both musically and behaviorally.  She tailors his lessons to his strengths and interests. Matthew is always very eager and excited about his lessons and practices every day.  Matthew is not just learning the piano from Ms. Dee – he is learning how to pay attention to a speaker and sit for a 30 minute lesson; he is interacting socially and learning how to express himself. “

Nathan and Charity for their student, Matthew

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